In this Awesome Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to create a metal text which is illuminated from above, casting shadow. Basic transformations, some filters and actions will be covered through out this tutorial. Have fun.

Here’s the Final Image
Before we start lets see the final image we’ll create through out this tutorial. You can download the layered PSD document here.

Create the Text
Before you start, you may want to download the font used in this tutorial here. Create a new document which is 900 pixels wide, 600 pixels high and at a resolution of 300 pixels/inch. Fill the "Background" layer with color #332222. Pick white as your Foreground Color. Get the Type Tool and type "AWESOME". Set font to Caviar Dreams and Font Style to Bold, set Font Size to 36pt.

Metal Look the easy Way
Create a new layer named "Metal" and fill it with 90% grey. Go to Filter > Render > Lens Flare and use these settings: Brightness => 125, Lens Type => 50-300mm Zoom. Then go to Layers Palette and Alt-click on the line between "Awesome" and "Metal" layers to mask the "Metal" layer.

Some Styles
Select the "Awesome" layer in the Layers Palette and apply a Drop Shadow Layer Style with these settings: Blend Mode => Multiply, Opacity => 75%, Angle => 90, Distance => 2px, Size => 8px. Then apply a Bevel and Emboss using these settings: Style => Inner Bevel, Depth => 100%, Direction => Up, Size => 0, Angle => 90, Altitude => 65.

Background Needs Some Light Too
Go to "Background" layer in the Layers Palette, go to Filters > Render > Lens Flare [or you can hit Alt+Commad+F to bring up the last used filter dialog] change Brightness to 100% and apply. Go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and apply with a Radius of 45 pixels. Then go to Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation and set Lightness to -20.

Did you Say Shadow?
Command-click the "Awesome" layer thumbnail to load the selection, create a new layer above the "Background" and name it "Shadow". Fill the selection with black.

Make Room For the Shadow!
Now we’ll create the shadow. In order to do it, wel’ll enlarge the canvas, in a few minutes you’ll see why. Go to Image > Canvas Size. Click the middle bottom box, Make sure Relative is Unchecked and set Height to 1600 pixels and hit OK. Select the "Background" layer, drag a Vertical guide [hit Command+R to bring up the rulers if you don’t see them] and snap to the center of the document. Then select "Awesome" and "Shadow"layers and horizontally center them to the the guide.

Now we’ll create an action to drop the shadow in an appropriate way. Go to Window > Actions to bring up the Actions Panel. Open the Action Panel Menu and choose New Set, name the set "Shadow" and hit OK. Now click the New Action button, name the action "Drop" and hit Record to start recording. Recording actions is a good way of doing repetative tasks.

The first thing we’ll do is to select and duplicate the "Shadow" layer by hitting Command+J. Then hit Command+T to enter Free Transform mode, drag the transform center to the upper edge of the document as shown n the below image. Now set Horizontal and Veritcal Scales at 100,2% and click the Commit Transform button or hit Enter key twice. Finally go to the Actions Panel and hit the Stop button.We’ll we’ve finished recording the action, now it’s time to play it back.

Drop the Shadow – More Action!
Make sure "Shadow copy " layer is selected, go to Actions Panel, first select the Drop Action, then hit Play button 12 times. Then select all Shadow layers in the Layers palette and hit Command+E to merge

Put Some Blur
Go to Filter > Blur > Radial Blur, move the Blur Center to top, and use these settings: Amount => 3, Blur Method => Zoom, Quality => Best.

Finalize the Shadow
Hit Command+T and drag the transform Center al the way up again,Scale the shadow up, holding down the Alt+Shift keys, as shown in the image and apply. Then go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and apply with a Radius of 2 pixels.

Now get the Crop tool and crop the image back to it’s original dimensions. Well, that’s it. Hope you learned something new and had fun.
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  3. great tutorial! nice y clean effect! greetings from mexico! :D

  4. will

    What do you mean by 100,2%? Photoshop says this is an invalid value…

    • Eren Göksel

      i can use a comma, but not a point, it might be about the operating system or unit settings. If it doesn’t accept a comma, then probably a point will do the trick.

  5. burakalsan

    thanxs for this great tutorial



    • Eren Göksel

      Hey GUPTA,

      Here’s your IMMEDIATE answer sir!
      You should SCALE it UP (!Enlarge!), this will make the shadow bigger. Because the transform origin is already moved up, the shadow will enlarge towards the downside.

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